Registering for a BBO Tournament

If you have registered with us (so we know your BBO username) and have at least $2 in your BBO account you can join a session with us.

Here are the steps:

- Log on to BBO in the 2 hours before the session (e.g. after 8am for a 10am session)

- Click 'Virtual Clubs' under Featured Areas

- Click 'ABF - Australia'
- Click the session called 'Bridge Focus

- Make sure you are on the register tab. If you have a partner and they are online, type their name and click 'Invite'. If you have typed your partners username correctly, and we have both of your names on our database, your partner will receive an invitation on their screen – they should click ‘Yes/Accept’.

That's it! You will see a small yellow box pop up saying your registration has succeeded. 

You may now log off BBO if you wish - just make sure you are online 5 minutes before the tournament starts. 


If you do not have a 'Virtual Clubs' button, click 'Competitive' then 'All Tournaments'. You may need to scroll through many tournaments, or you can search 'bridge focus'. Then follow the other steps.



If you do not have a partner - you can join the 'Partnership Desk' and we will try and match you up.

It's a good idea to register well before the session starts, so you have time to contact us for help, if necessary.

You may need to call your partner so you can organise to log on at the same time.